Drum Tune Up by Rami


Drum Tune Up by Rami


Sometimes, the only problem with a good drum is a bad head or badly tuned head.   The process is not too complicated, and is documented in our care pages, but it does require some finesse. Over the years, we've learned some tricks.

If you need a new head on your doumbek, send it to our Brooklyn address, and Rami will replace it and tune the drum.

Service is good for any Raquy 6 Peg and 4 Peg inlaid or standard basic egyptian cast doumbek darbuka tabla.

The estimate above includes drum head and head replacement and labor, but does not include return shipping (within domestic US).

For any questions on your drum, or If you need reheading for a clay or steel drum please contact us

 We have heads for:

Head Diameter (inner rim) 7 15/16 inches  (  fits 4 Peg Inlaid )

Head Diameter inner rim: 8 5/8 Inches  ( fits 6 Peg Inlaid and Basic Egyptian)

We also have some sombati heads, or feel free to send in your own spare head if you have one.  

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