Care for your Natural Skin Drum

Natural heads sound great and are fun to play.  They can be heated to tighten, be careful with prolonged proximity to heat source.

An inset lamp or a heating pad are good solutions.  Our lamps are here, and aside from regulating the humidity, they look amazing onstage! 


Heads will eventually need to be changed.

Your Clay Drum is your new Baby-- you only get only chance-- padded case, hard shell even.  Do Not drop! ;)

Do not surrender your drum to anyone who does not know that its your baby. As Walter says, noone looks after your stuff like you. 

If the head is consistently loose even in dry weather then you should consider reapplying the head.  look for a local drummer or Heather or Quentin at DrumFace can provide this service.

Posted on October 18, 2013 and filed under Natural Skin.