Dümset Middle Eastern Drum Set Instructional Video


Dümset Middle Eastern Drum Set Instructional Video


>Designed by Liron Peled
The Dümset is a revolutionary setup developed by Liron Peled, consisting of a variety of Middle-Eastern hand drums, some played traditionally and some modified to be used with foot pedals, all played together with hand cymbals.

With this DVD you can:

- Sound Like an Entire Middle-Eastern Percussion Section, or like a western drum set with a Middle-Eastern flavor.
- Learn Both Middle-Eastern and Western Rhythms, then Play them Seamlessly, Back to Back.
- Improve Coordination and Limb Independence


- Included Easy-to-read Notation with Breakdown of Every Rhythm in the DVD
- Close-up hand shots for teaching hand drum technique
- Special play-along “call and response” sections for hours of fun practice
- Clips of actual Dümset performance
(including the "Insanity Check" Music video, featuring the Dümset - watch on YouTube)

Don’t have a Dümset?
Use your existing Bass drum + Hi Hat to play the foot patterns

Haven’t Played Doumbek or Percussion Before?
Basic chapter covers all the basics. Then move on to Intermediate and Advanced chapters for intricate hand drum technique and advanced coordination

Duration: 1 Hour 50 Minutes
© 2012 Liron Peled All Rights Reserved


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