Dumbek Fever 2 Instructional Kit


Dumbek Fever 2 Instructional Kit


Dumbek Fever II - Advanced Level

This Interactive Advanced Level Dumbek Instructional Kit includes:

  • Instructional DVD, practice CD and book with photographs of hand positions!
  • The incredible new Turkish Split Hand Technique!
  • Fingernail Snaps, Double-Decker Snaps and Persian-style rolls!
  • Double-time, groupings and a peek at Indian rhythmic Tee Hi endings!
  • Transcriptions and recordings of belly dance solos, dumbek solos and duets
  • Transcriptions of dumbek parts to traditional Middle Eastern songs.  Play along with the melody!
  • Bonus video footage of Raquy and the Cavemen, live!
  • Notes, recording and video of Raquy’s famous unaccompanied solo, ‘Naked’.
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