Dumbek Fever 3 Instructional Kit


Dumbek Fever 3 Instructional Kit


Dumbek Fever III - Turkish Split Hand

Since Dumbek Fever II, Raquy was drawn to Istanbul Turkey to immerse herself in the mind-blowing Turkish Split Hand Technique.  She’s had the privilege of practicing there under a master drummer, Bunyamin Olguncan. Together Raquy and Bünyamin will break down and demonstrate this incredible new style.

This interactive instructional kit includes:

  • 96 page book and 2 hour instructional DVD
  • Detailed breakdown of the hand positions, techniques and rolls with demonstrations by Bünyamin
  • How to use this in real life when playing in a band or for belly dancers.
  • Unveiling of Raquy’s secret weapon, the 2 hour Split Hand Drill Series.
  • Notation and videos of several compositions.
  • Breathtaking performances by Bünyamin.
  • Advice for awkward transitional period from Arabic to Turkish style.
  • Ins and outs of the drumming scene in Istanbul.

Bünyamin’s drumming  is a shining example of the split hand technique in Turkey today.  He was one of the founding members of the Harem Turkish Percussion Troupe and he performs regularly with Turkish pop star, Tarkan.

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