Hammer Raised Sombati

hammered sombati_cr.jpg
hammered sombati_cr.jpg

Hammer Raised Sombati

from 940.00

Height: 21 inches
Head Diameter: 11 inches
Wow, A beautiful new design with a smooth bearing edge and rim.  A Large drum with nice bass sound and mid range teks. Crafted from hammer raised watered steel.

This large bass drum is forged from hammer raised steel, for a special timbre. This style combines the ruggedness of steel with the playability of a natural skin.

High Quality Low End. Lots of real estate for turkish technique or a huge sound. Q Drums are made from natural materals fabricated or hammer raised steel and cow, goat, or fishskin heads. 

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Williamsburg, Brooklyn January 2013 Rami tries the range of the Q Drum Steel Doholla