Hammer Raised Sombati

Qdrum ham sombati.jpg
Qdrum ham sombati.jpg

Hammer Raised Sombati

from 840.00

Height: 21 inches
Head Diameter: 11 inches
Wow, A beautiful new design with a smooth bearing edge and rim.  A Large drum with nice bass sound and mid range teks. Crafted from hammer raised watered steel.

This large bass drum is forged from hammer raised steel, for a special timbre. This style combines the ruggedness of steel with the playability of a natural skin.

High Quality Low End. Lots of real estate for turkish technique or a huge sound. Q Drums are made from natural materals fabricated or hammer raised steel and cow, goat, or fishskin heads. 

You can combine this drum with our large padded backpack case or Drum Glow head warming lamp on checkout.

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Williamsburg, Brooklyn January 2013 Rami tries the range of the Q Drum Steel Doholla