Upgraded Case for Doumbek

6P and case.JPG
6P and case.JPG

Upgraded Case for Doumbek

from 65.00

We couldnt find a suitable case to carry our inlaid doumbeks, and precious clay sombati drums in.... So we designed one. 

UPDATE: These are now shipping as of Sept 9! 

padded backpack case

reinforced joints to handle heavy drums

quality components

large pocket for your stuff

Available in 2 sizes:

Standard : for 4 or 6 Peg, standard size alexandria doumbek drum and sombati

Large : for sombati and doholla, clay drums, djembe

Size Guide

use our Standard size case if your drum is:

A Raquy Basic or Inlaid (4 or 6 Peg ) Drum

Height: maximum 18 inches

Bottom Diameter: maximum 11 inches

Top Diameter: maximum 14 inches


use our Large size case if your drum is:

Height: maximum 21 inches

Bottom Diameter: maximum 12 inches

Top Diameter: 14 inches

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