The Egyptian doumbek or tabla is the probably the best known style of arabic drum. Doumbek (aka darbuka darabukeh, dumbek, derbekeh, dumbelek, tabla, tarabuka); traditionally hail from throughout the Middle East and North Africa, Turkey, Greece, and the Balkans, and vary slightly in technique and manufacture according to region. 

A goblet or chalice drum, doumbeks were traditionally made from clay and animal skin, and that style of drum is making a comeback.  

Most doumbeks made today are cast aluminum with plastic heads, a sturdy design that withstands travel and weather.

Tabla are popular worldwide, and are showing up in drum circles being lighter and with more potentially ornate finger technique then djembe.

They are now copying the look of Egyptian drums in Turkey because the design is well-suited to advanced technique, but noone can inlay like an Egyptian. The weight of our casting, as well as the inlay and coating are an asset in tone and playability.

Darbuka technique is ever evolving. The most innovation in playing style is happening in Istanbul, where drummers are well positioned to musical influence from the Arab world, India, Iran, and Europe.

Raquy Pro Inlaid Doumbek Darbuka Tabla

 Our line of professional drums are made custom by one of the most reputable longstanding Egyptian instrument makers. 

As drummers, we only want the best instruments and have a mission to provide drums with a consistent level of quality.

Raquy Pro Inlaid drums are cast metal, and finished with a beautiful hand inlaid design and a sturdy coating. Plastic heads, tunable. We select for sound quality. 

Pro Clay and Steel Natural Skin Drums

There's nothing like the range and playability of a natural skin.

We are also carrying a line of domestic drums with natural heads, in both steel and ceramic.

Our ceramic and steel drums are made in USA by a family of artisans in Chicago. Heather throws the clay, Quentin smiths the steel. Together, they make incredible drums. 

The Tabla Family

The peg refers to the number of screws in the top rim



SOMBATI - also 6 pegs is slightly larger than a standard drum

DOHOLLA are a very large size doumbek (ranges 6 or 8 pegs)

We generally carry only the 4 and 6 peg, but can occasionally get the others by special order. We now have Dohollas and Sombati with natural skins!