We started Raquy Drum Store, as drummers who play percussion from the Middle East. The darbuka aka doumbek or tabla, riq, and frame drums being the most well known.  We have worked over the years with our drum makers in Egypt and the US to develop top quality lines of basic and professional drums, and accessories that drummers need.

When you buy a Raquy doumbek you are getting an excellent quality instrument, of designs hand picked by Raquy and set up and tuned by Rami in Brooklyn.

It can be risky buying a musical instrument online. We have all gotten a 'khan el khalili special' that was almost as cheap as it sounded. But when you buy from us you are getting a top of the line drum chosen by professional musicians.

We do one thing and we do it well. Darbuka, doumbek, tabla, dumbek; whatever you call it, the drums you buy are the drums we use.   We make sure to tune the instruments ourselves before we send them out and personally finish the bearing edge and head on every drum before shipping. 

These are the best darbukas from Egypt and domestic sources at great prices, quality checked and shipped from Brooklyn.


Happy Drumming!

-Rami and Raquy

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Raquy Drum Store won't tolerate poor sounding drums! The drum fairy hand picks and tunes all our doumbeks and riqs so they sound great! Magic from the first hit. In this episode, we go back to when Raquy is just starting out on the streets of Brooklyn....